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The Tale of Superfakes

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For those of you that wonder whether we ever encounter fakes in the course of consignment, the answer is a BIG, F A T, YES

Before you all run off, haunted forever and vowing only to ever purchase from department stores and boutiques, let us share with you a tale of two superfakes that landed at our door steps, their stories of origin, and how we detected them to be superfakes. 

First, let's start with the infamous question of the black boy bag - which is the superfake, the left, or the right?!

Just how close are we talking about? Well, here are some more photos for your consideration...

If you answered right, you deserve a medal, because you are correct! For the majority of you, you probably thought left because the texture of the bag and the shine looked very different than what you would picture as a caviar boy bag. However, there are many things that goes into authenticating beyond just what we think a bag ought to look like. For example, some of the things to consider include did they make this leather, with that hardware combo, in that size in X season's collection? 

Not only do we authenticate based on our familiarity with leather/hardware, we must also consider whether it was consistent with the release of said collection.

But you're probably thinking -- this is easy, just check if the hologram sticker and authenticity cards are present and authentic. Unfortunately, while those are often sure ways of telling the real between the fakes, the difference between the real and fake ones when it comes to superfakes are slim to none. While we did not photograph the hologram sticker (because we don't want to encourage counterfeiters), we did photograph the front and back of the authenticity card -- and it is SPOT ON. 

Because shoppers often gravitate towards these labels/extra add-ons as a sign of authenticity, counterfeiters have become too good at replicating these accessories, which is why we always encourage shoppers to not get fooled by the extra "fluff" (tags, receipts, dustbags, ribbons, boxes, tissues, shopping bags, etc) when purchasing second hand. Just because it comes with an authenticity card, or even a copy of receipt, doesn't mean it can't be faked/taken off a real one and matched with a counterfeit. 

So how can you have a peace of mind when shopping? For starters, make sure that you purchase from trusted businesses that take their authentication process seriously. Not only do we have in-house authenticators, but we also use the trusted Entrupy technology, a microscopic scanning system that looks beyond surface-deep differences to determine the authenticity of the overall bag (think stitching, inner lining, hardware, leather, datecode/production codes, etc). Also when purchasing, make sure that authenticity is guaranteed somehow, whether through money-back, or possibly through purchase protection services offered through your card/bank. 

The owner of the above bag unknowingly purchased a counterfeit superfake from another shop. After using it for several months, she only found out about its authenticity once she brought it in to us for consignment. After the initial shock, we were able to provide a full-length report detailing the counterfeit product and she was able to fight to get all of her money back, even months after purchase. 

Think it can't happen at a boutique/department store? Think again. 

In another instance, the owner brought in a pair of shoes to consign. During our authentication process, we noticed that the colouration of the crystal/hardware, the texture of the fabric, and the interior label of the shoe was inconsistent. This is problematic because the owner indicated that she purchased these first-hand, from a department store. So what happened there?! 

You may have heard of the controversial news story about someone purchasing authentic and returning counterfeit products (link here: -- unfortunately, that does happen, especially with the ease of website orders and product returns. 

The market for luxury goods is growing, and the quality of, and demand for counterfeit items will only rise with it. To protect yourself from this, make sure that you inquire about the authenticity process used by different companies; don't be afraid to ask them how they authenticate, whether each item is carefully processed, and what is their authenticity warranty, if any. Ask as many questions needed until you become comfortable with the purchase -- after all, high-end shopping should be a luxurious experience full of enjoyment and love, and that should start at the point of every purchase. 

With love, 

DeLuxe Team


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