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Everything you would like to know about consigning with us, and the answers to your commonly-asked questions!

General Questions:

1. Are the items sold in your store authentic?

Yes – everything we sell is authentic. Each item is authenticated during the intake process, and carefully curated to be sold in our store.

2. How do you price your items?

We price items based on a number of factors – colour, style, condition, age, etc. Most importantly, we price items based on market demand. This explains why some items are sold near retail, while others experience a dramatic depreciation on the resale market.

3. Do you have a physical store?

We do not have a storefront. This is one of the main reasons for why we can keep our prices low. We do offer local pick up and meet up at Sherway Garden by appointment.

4. How much did/does X, Y, Z sell for, and why is it different then A, B, C?

Each item is priced and sold individually. Though we tend to follow similar pricing strategies for similar items, the pricing of items depends on individual factors such as condition, demand within the resale market, and the motivation for the owner to sell. As such, we cannot guarantee a set price for all items that are similar. 

Consignment Process with DC:

1. How do I consign with you?

The process is simple. Just send us an email following the format listed on our website ( and we will get back to you with a rough estimate of the sale price.

If you like the quotes, we can arrange shipment or drop off for consignment.

2. Why didn’t you accept X, Y, Z for consignment?

When we get consignment inquiries in, we evaluate it based on the photos and details presented. There are any number of reasons for not accepting your items for consignment. Sometimes, we are not able to authenticate it via photos. Other times, it’s because we are at storage capacity for X items, do not have an authenticator for specific brands, or simply does not accept it due to its lower resale value/condition. In any case, we will always communicate our inability to help you consign your items.

3. Will I get a paper stating you have my items?

Yes – all consignees will be sent a consignment agreement that lays out the terms of the consignment agreement, fees, and additional details. Once we receive your explicit consent, we will then process your items for sale.

4. How long does consignment take?

A typical consignment period is 60 days. After this, you are free to take your items back. In most cases, if unsold, you have the option to extend this agreement as long as we have the storage capacity to accommodate it.

5. I dropped off my item this week, how come it’s not being put up for sale in your new arrivals?

We strive to process and list your items as fast as possible. If processing items exceed longer than 2 weeks, we typically will stop accepting items in that category until we catch up.

Processing items for sale begin once and only once we receive your consent via the consignment agreement. Once we receive your consent, we process items for sale in the order of the consent received.

We curate it for sale in the upcoming new arrivals. Each week, we cap how many items from product categories will be featured, so some items may be pushed to the following week. For example, if you consigned 10 bracelets or 5 pairs of shoes, we will spread these out over the next few new arrivals as not to overwhelm the product categories.

All this curation also takes time and planning. If you dropped off an item or consigned an item towards the end of the week, it is very likely that we will not have had enough time to process them, take photos, and get it ready in time for the new arrivals on Monday.

6. I saw my items were marked *sold* today, when will you send payment?

We will have payments sent within 7 days of the completion and finalization of the sale. This includes any layaways, payment processing across payment providers and gateway delays in getting the payment to our bank so we can send it out to you.

In this digital age, a transaction is not as simple as an exchange of cash for property. For most sales, there are different payment processing agents, gateways, and channels for which the payments are processed. Our policy is that once we receive the payment, we will pay you – simple as that.

In any instance, you will receive a notification from us indicating your item has been sold, and when to expect payment.

7. I want to put my items on sale, can I?

Absolutely – if your item has been sitting for a while unsold, we can absolutely put it on sale. We can recommend a sale value, or you can make suggestions.

8. What if I want to take my stuff back before the end of the consignment period?

Parting with your items can be hard, and we respect your decision to consign them. Once you sign the consignment agreement/indicate your consent, our team carefully processes items – taking photos, noting details, and curate them for sale. Due to the effort and time spent in this process, we do have an early termination fee should you decide to pull your items from sale prior to the expiry of the consignment agreement period.

Purchasing through DC:

1. I am interested. How do I proceed?

We are a fully automated online store. All items are listed for sale on our website, and photos and details are available on our website. We accept all major cards and paypal via our website, so checkout is easy and simple.

2. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes – our website checkout accepts all major cards and you do not need a paypal account to check out.

3. Can I try X, Y, Z on/see it before I buy it?

Because of the nature of consignment, we do not allow try-ons of any kind. This is because we are responsible for the condition and state of each item as they are consigned to us. Because our items are all brand names, you can find most styles in stores/boutiques to try on yourself. In addition, our team members are always happy to model items for you by request, or show you videos.

4. If I see something on the new arrivals preview, can I pre-pay?

The new arrival previous are intended to give you a sneak peek at what’s arriving the next week. We would not feel comfortable taking your money for an item you only saw a preview for. And to keep things fair for everyone, we will not be releasing details of items until the time of new arrival.

5. Do you do wishlists?

We have a notification system where you will receive an email if a bag or piece of jewelry matches exactly to what you want. This notification does not change your access to the details of items – it will still be available on new arrival days. However, in case you missed the preview or was not aware, you will be notified to tune in in advance.

We are not able to accommodate notifications for shoes and other items.

6. Can I return something?

We encourage you to check out the full detail of items on our website, and ask any questions prior to purchasing. Due to the nature of consignment, all sales are final unless the item is not as described. Please note photos encompass part of this description.

If you do not want to keep your purchase, we do offer a discounted re-consignment rate to resell it through us. 

7. If I want something specific, can you find it for me? Or “Do you ever get…X, Y, Z?”

We are a consignment shop, not a personal shopping service. We do not control what items get consigned to us, nor the frequency for which select items are consigned to us. All available items will be listed on our website.

8. I really want this, but saw it was cheaper here and here, can you match price?

The sale price considers many items, and is the agreed upon price between us and the owner of each item. As such, we are not able to match prices elsewhere on the web. If you have a reasonable and serious offer, we always will forward to the owners to see if they will accept. We cannot guarantee any offers will be accepted that is not the pre-agreed sale price. 

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